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What can Italvine do for you ?

Since 1956, ITALVINE’s primary mission has been to reveal the diversity, richness and superior quality of wines and spirits. ITALVINE selects renowned producers’ representative of their respective regions and culture in general.

A pioneer, ITALVINE was one of the first import agencies to promote and market Italian wine products in Quebec. Over the years, with its solid reputation as a passionate connoisseur, ITALVINE has become the reference house for Italian wines and spirits.

Today, ITALVINE’s promotional agency represents more than 20 producers of prestigious houses.

Italvine Team

Team work makes the dream work!

An experienced team with all having many years in the business, working harmoniously together, dedicated team, passionate team, resourceful team, team full of ideas and imagination, all required necessary up to date latest data & analysis (market, product, performance) available and utilized, products and brands represented with care and love, with all the necessary tools to succeed,
Super Team … Italvine Team!

Migliaia di persone…

Migliaia di persone scelgono quest'azienda. Ero sicuro della mia scelta! Grazie per il vostro supporto e aggiornamenti regolari.

Martin Moore
A nice addition…

I enjoyed the personalized service that Italvine offers. They prepared my order quickly and hassle-free ! Cheers.

Maria D.
Tema perfetto, supporto…

Tema perfetto, supporto perfetto. Raccomando questo venditore e il tema. Il template straordinario, molto ben progettato e implementato.

Paula Knight